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At ENRICH, we aim to use only products with scientifically proven benefits, without being overpriced, as is the case with so many cosmeceuticals.

The ENRICH range of skin care products has been medically formulated by Dr Michael Rich to specifically target ageing and pigmentation concerns.

The ENRICH products contain proven active ingredients with therapeutic benefits. Ingredients include antioxidants, Vitamin C, and Vitamin A derivatives to resurface and stimulate collagen production, as well as bleaching creams for pigmentation. These clinic-only products optimise rejuvenating capacity and can be used on their own, or alongside other treatments, including injectables and laser treatments, to complement the effects and benefits.

Due to the active ingredients in their preparation, most of the products are only available after doctor consultation.

*Due to TGA regulations we cannot state a product name, or the substance name, as such we have coded the products. For more information please contact the clinic.

The ENRICH range of products include:

ENRICH Basic cream

ENRICH Basic cream was developed as an anti-ageing cream. Consisting of RA* and ascorbyl palmitate, ENRICH Basic Cream promotes healthier skin cells and increases the amount of skin-support substances. Ascorbyl palmitate is considered one of the most stable vitamin C derivatives, with research proving it to be effective as an antioxidant as well as having a […]

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ENRICH Bleaching gel and cream

ENRICH bleaching gel and cream consists of a combination of bleaching agents as well as salicylic acid and ascorbic acid to specifically target difficult to treat pigmentation, whilst resurfacing the skin.

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ENRICH Forte provides bleaching benefits, with the Hq* ingredient. In addition, it also contains other bleaching agents as well as vitamin C, RA*, and an anti-inflammatory agent. Hq* has long been recognised as being one of the most effective ingredients for reducing and potentially eliminating melasma. Over-the-counter Hq products can contain 0.5% to 2% concentrations […]

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ENRICH Lumina contains Hq, RA* and an anti-inflammatory agent to reduce any chance of irritation and from the bleaching agents.

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ENRICH has become Melbourne’s first Neostrata flagship clinic. NeoStrata is a professional skin care range developed by leading dermatologists in the USA, formulated with the active patented ingredients alpha and polyhydroxy acids. The NeoStrata range is recommended by dermatologists in over 85 countries internationally and across Australia. Clinical studies have proven its efficacy in treating signs of […]

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