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Breast Reduction Melbourne

Large breasts can place a heavy burden on your body and self-image, and place excess weight on the back, chest and neck. Without the muscle infrastructure to support this weight, results can include chronic pain, and even malformations of the spinal cord.

Download: Breast Reduction – Treatment Information Sheet

Until recently, surgical breast reduction has been the main option available for breast reduction. This involves cutting out a section of breast and repositioning the nipple to elevate the breast.

An alternative treatment is tumescent liposuction which provides the benefits of breast reduction without the significant discomfort of the bruising, pain, scarring, loss of nipple sensation and risks of infection associated with surgical breast reduction.

Benefits of a liposuction breast-reduction

  • visible reduction of breast size, with no scarring
  • relieves chronic back and neck pain caused by disproportionately large breasts
  • day procedure with faster recovery than conventional surgery
  • improved posture and appearance
  • being able to wear more fitted and flattering clothes
  • improved confidence and self-image
  • regaining a more youthful appearance
  • easier to engage in physical activity

If you are considering reducing the size of your breasts, contact us for a comprehensive, personal consultation with Dr Rich, as well as for a full medical and aesthetic assessment.

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