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12 important things you should know before getting lip filler

12 important things you should know before getting lip filler
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Lip filler injections MelbourneIf you want fuller lips than you currently have, or want to even out your lips, we have a few tips for you before you get started. We’ve been doing lip filler for a long time, and while all your questions will be answered in your lip filler consultation, we thought we’d save you some time and answer common questions here first.

1. We only use one substance at our Melbourne clinic for lip filler. It’s naturally found in your skin and tissues, acting as a water-holding molecule, but also stimulates collagen and acts as a nutrient transporter fluid between your blood vessels and your skin. We love it!

2. We have the enzyme on hand that instantly dissolves this substance, so in the unlikely event that you don’t like your new lips, we can undo it on the spot.

3. The cost of getting lip filler will depend on how much filler you want injected and where.

4. Lip fillers last for between four and six months, but thin people with faster metabolisms absorb lip fillers quicker, so prepare yourself for how often you’ll need top ups. Lip filler does not last forever.

5. Results are instant, though there will be some swelling initially. Your lips will need a day to settle, then you’ll see your lovely new lips for several months.

6. Lips that have had lip filler injected don’t feel any different to your normal lips unless you get a lot injected – which is unlikely. Most people don’t get that much injected, simply because your face needs to be in balance or you just look ridiculous. Your cosmetic dermatologist’s job is as an artist, so let them give you their recommendations. Your lips will feel the same when you eat, drink and kiss.

7. Lip filler injections feel like a pinch and a sting. Afterwards, your lips will be massaged, and an ice pack applied. Then, you get on with your day.

8. If you are nervous about discomfort, you can have a dental nerve block or topical anaesthetic applied prior to your injections. Your lips and gums can be numbed just like at the dentist, or a numbing cream can be applied.

9. Lip filler is a no-downtime procedure. Walk in and walk out. You’ll need to spare half an hour for your appointment, but the actual treatment takes 15-20 minutes, and your numbing treatment (except the dental block) will start to dissipate after 15 or so minutes. It is advisable to make your lip filler appointments at least three days before a big event (weddings, speeches) because you may bruise a little. In the unlikely event of an adverse reaction, you don’t want to be swollen or bruised when everyone is looking at you and taking photos.

10. Avoid exercise, massages and facials on lip filler injection day – you don’t want to increase blood flow to your face.

11. If you get cold sores, take some antiviral medication for a few days prior to lip injections, since injections can trigger an outbreak.

12. If you decide not to get lip filler injections anymore, your lips will simply return to their normal size. They will not be saggy or wrinkly. Your lips may even stay a tiny bit bigger due to the lip filler previously used – it’s awesome stuff!

Don’t let just anyone do your lips.
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