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Maintain that physique! Our top 3 tips for a healthy lifestyle post liposuction

Maintain that physique! Our top 3 tips for a healthy lifestyle post liposuction
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healthy lifestyle post liposuction

Liposuction is a fat removal technique that can contour and shape the body by removing stubborn deposits of fat that are resistant to diet and exercise. Liposuction is not a cure-all procedure for those looking for a quick fix, nor is it an effective method for weight loss. The treatment will deliver optimum results if in the weeks and months following the procedure, you are able to maintain a balanced diet and exercise regime. Here, we share our top three tips for maintaining the best diet after liposuction and other lifestyle suggestions to keep you looking your best.

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  1. Maintain a good diet

One of the most common misconceptions about liposuction is that it provides a one-stop shop for weight loss and toning. In reality, it’s quite the opposite. The treatment is best suited for those patients looking to fine-tune and shape the body in small to medium target areas. Although the treatment removes fat deposits, it is not an effective method for weight loss. Fat is unlikely to return to the treatment area as the fat cells have been removed, but this does not preclude fat gathering in other areas if a balanced diet after liposuction is not maintained.

It is not uncommon for patients to ask what the best diet after liposuction is. In truth, the answer does not vary much from what we advise as being a healthy diet in general. A diet high in fruit, vegetables, whole grains and lean proteins with limited intake of sugar, simple carbohydrates and saturated fats will prevent the weight gain that can be associated with poor dietary choices.  We also recommend drinking at least two litres of water a day – your body will thank you for it in the form of clearer skin, twinkling eyes and less bloating. Drinking water also helps to control hunger, encourages your metabolism and aids in the digestive process.

You might also like to aim for smaller, but more frequent, meals during the day. Going from three meals to five to seven smaller meals spaced throughout the day is a good option for your diet after liposuction. Eating smaller meals encourages your metabolism, maintains your energy levels and prevent excessive hunger which can lead to poor diet choices.

  1. Get moving!

Ever heard the saying you can’t exercise off a poor diet? Whilst it’s true that what we put into our bodies in the form of food and drink is a key indicator of weight gain or loss, it’s important to complement your healthy diet after liposuction with a balanced exercise regime. In the weeks following your liposuction treatment, it is likely that your doctor will suggest that you stick to little or no exercise, with strenuous exercise typically not recommended until two to four weeks post-treatment. Once the garments and dressing have been removed and you’ve received the all-clear from your doctor, it’s time to get moving again!

We recommend returning to whatever exercise regime you enjoy the most – after all, you’re more likely to commit in the long term if it’s an exercise program you enjoy. You might find it best to ease into the process with some low-intensity exercises such as walking or jogging, or slow yoga sessions.

liposuction aftercare instructions

  1. Follow aftercare instructions

Dr Michael Rich uses precise consultation and treatment methods to ensure you achieve a streamlined and even result. Maintaining a healthy diet after liposuction, as well as engaging in good exercise regimes and following aftercare instructions, will maximise your treatment outcomes and results. This includes attending follow up consultations and aftercare appointments, as well as investing in a period of time wearing a liposuction compression garment. In combination, these measures will ensure you’re enjoying your new contours for years to come. 

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