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What to ask a cosmetic surgeon: 5 essential questions to ask at your cosmetic surgery consult

What to ask a cosmetic surgeon: 5 essential questions to ask at your cosmetic surgery consult
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Cosmetic surgery and procedures can feel a bit scary, so asking the right questions at your appointment can make all the difference. In your appointment, you are free to ask any cosmetic surgery questions you may have.

No doubt you’ve scoured the internet for information on your procedure, but every person and procedure is a little different. You may like to have a list of questions written down, to whip out at your appointment and quiz your practitioner on. Patients who ask a lot of questions tend to be the most satisfied with their procedures, so make sure this is you!

Being fully informed before any procedure means you know what to expect. At ENRICH, our cosmetic dermatologists are experts in their field, and while we know you’re in capable hands, so should you.

Don’t forget you can back out at any time – there is no rule that just because you have a consultation that you must have the procedure. You have the power of choice at all times, and there is no shame in taking more time to decide or to get a second opinion.

The questions to ask a surgeon before surgery or a cosmetic procedure are many and varied, but here are some ideas to get you started.

#1. Cosmetic surgery questions – how many times have you performed this procedure?

This is critical. You don’t want the newbie cosmetic surgeon or doctor on staff with no real-life experience in real procedures on real people.

At ENRICH, all our doctors and surgeons are highly experienced and train other doctors how to do these cosmetic surgery procedures. There is a deep sense of pride at ENRICH regarding the calibre of our doctors.

At our clinic, only doctors do injections. This isn’t the case at many clinics, where a beauty therapist can inject you after a half-day course. Injections are serious, and if the person putting a substance into your face or body hasn’t done it so times they could do it in their sleep, ask for someone who has. The outcomes of a successful injection include feeling comfortable and safe with your doctor, not just walking out looking and feeling great.

Any cosmetic surgery is performed only by experts in our clinic, for example, liposuction, which is only performed by Dr Michael Rich. Dr Rich is one of Australia’s leading providers of tumescent liposuction and an expert in his field. There are plenty of questions to ask a surgeon before surgery of this kind, and Dr Rich will ensure you are fully informed before, during and after the procedure.

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#2. Cosmetic surgery questions – what will my recovery look like?

This is important for a few reasons. If you’re going into the clinic for a procedure, you need to know what you’ll look and feel like when you leave. Will your face or body be swollen, red, or bruised? Will you be able to go back to work, school or an event that day, take care of kids, exercise? Ask about best and worst-case scenarios and find out why they matter.

Your recovery period matters if you have a big event planned that you want to look your best for. If you’re getting married tomorrow, today may be a great time for certain treatments, but not others. Tell your cosmetic dermatologist what you have planned in case there is a better option or you need to reschedule.

Recovering quickly and healing fully are the expected outcomes, but sometimes this doesn’t happen as expected after cosmetic surgery or cosmetic procedures. You need to know what signs to look for just in case, and if necessary call the on-call nurse for advice.

#3. Cosmetic surgery questions – how much will the full set of treatments cost?

Sticking to a budget is important for many of us, so the cost of treatments – not just one, but the whole series if needed – is valuable to know in advance. Many of the cosmetic treatments in which we invest require more than one session and sometimes ongoing costs.

For example, fat freezing treatments often require up to three treatments per area, but you can fit multiple areas into one session time. Dermal fillers and anti-wrinkle injections are an ongoing investment, while liposuction is a one-off cost. Ask about after-care and follow-up appointments. They are typically included in the price, particularly for liposuction and other deeper procedures.

Shopping around for the best price is risky business when it comes to cosmetic treatments. Skimping on treatments can mean problematic or unsatisfactory outcomes, so remember to value a doctor’s experience and expertise first and foremost. Don’t be tempted by a bargain: think carefully about who you ask to remodel you.

If the clinic you want is out of your price range, ask your preferred clinic to suggest financing options. It’s worth paying more for an expert you trust.

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#4. Cosmetic surgery questions – will it hurt?

Many cosmetic procedures do involve some pain. That’s the nature of the beast. What you want to know, however, is how much pain, how long will it last, and what steps can be taken to reduce soreness or pain during and after your procedure?

Managing the comfortable experience of patients is important at ENRICH, and you’ll be ready for any stings or temporary soreness before it happens. We take every precaution to reduce discomfort and pain, so you can relax knowing there won’t be any nasty surprises. Your happiness is our happiness!

#5. Cosmetic surgery questions – how long will the effects of my procedure last?

When it comes to cosmetic procedures, most of them are temporary. This includes fillers, anti-wrinkle injections, cellulite treatments, non-surgical nose jobs, skin-tightening and non-surgical facelifts. You’ll need to know when to come back to get your next procedure.

If you are opting for long-lasting cosmetic surgery solutions, for example fat removal (liposuction, fat freezing), the effects don’t ‘wear off’. You may still need to come into the clinic for a follow-up appointment or another treatment, but these tend to be one-offs. Get a clear indication from your doctor of what is required of you once you leave the clinic, so your expectations will be in line with your experience.

You are in the very best of hands at ENRICH.
Contact our friendly team to get started on your goals!

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