How do anti-wrinkle injections work?

15 June, 2018
‘Anti-wrinkle injection’ is a term used in Australia to describe a neuromodulator used to partially relax some of the tiny muscles in the face, as a cosmetic procedure. Australian medical practices, including cosmetic dermatologists, must abide by legal guidelines and cannot name prescription medications online or in brochures. This means we’ve developed more nuanced ways [...]

Anti-wrinkle treatment fact sheet –

8 June, 2018

Anti-wrinkle treatment in Melbourne Anti-wrinkle injection treatments have been used for the last twenty-five years to create a smoother and younger looking appearance without the dreaded ‘frozen face!’ Patients receive subtle yet striking results that take years off the face without compromising character and expression. Our doctors are skilled in providing patients with natural results that […]


Are anti-wrinkle injections a good

4 June, 2018
We cannot stop ageing itself (time stops for no-one), but we can slow down some of the signs of ageing. That is, wrinkles, crinkles and dimples, from top to bottom. Anti-wrinkle injections can play a critical role for some of us, to prevent wrinkles from forming and to slow down wrinkles and lines that already [...]

The Kardashian Effect – how

13 March, 2018

A selfie – short for self-portrait – used to be a staple of photographers through sheer necessity: if you are the only person around, testing lighting and positioning requires a human subject. Photography was a hobby of only the wealthy for quite some time, so very solemn self-portraiture was not uncommon. It also used to be […]