What to ask a cosmetic

4 April, 2019

Cosmetic surgery and procedures can feel a bit scary, so asking the right questions at your appointment can make all the difference. In your appointment, you are free to ask any cosmetic surgery questions you may have. No doubt you’ve scoured the internet for information on your procedure, but every person and procedure is a […]


Four things you might not

20 February, 2019

Gynaecomastia is a swelling of the breast tissue in boys or men, which is caused by an imbalance of hormones called estrogen and testosterone. Generally, gynaecomastia isn’t a serious problem but can present challenges where pain and psychological effects such as embarrassment are present. It’s true that whilst gynaecomastia, or ‘man boobs,’ generally results in […]


Helping women make stressful breast

23 April, 2018

When women are making decisions about breast reconstruction after mastectomy, an Australian web-based aid, BRECONDA, may offer much-needed help making important decisions about reconstruction options. There is no one-size-fits-all approach to the reconstruction of breasts after mastectomy, with women having a lot of decisions to make about what procedures will best suit their circumstances. Breast […]


Fat transfer for breast augmentation

20 March, 2018

It appears that fat grafting techniques, where your own fat is transplanted to a new area of your body, are superior to breast implants alone because they offer a more natural-looking cleavage. Note: ENRICH Clinic in Melbourne does fat grafting, but we do not perform breast implants. When having breast augmentation, the ‘separated breasts’ look […]