Brazilian butt lift FAQs –

13 May, 2018
The now famous Brazilian butt lift has come to Melbourne, to give you the shapely buttocks of your dreams. A fat graft or fat transfer is performed using fat from another area of your body, we treat it with a special substance to make the transfer more successful, then inject it into your buttocks using [...]

What to expect from a

23 April, 2018

It can be glorious contemplating how fabulous your new butt is going to be – so curvy and perky and shapely – but this beautiful butt requires a medical procedure. So what can you expect from the Brazilian butt lift? We explain. #1. Does a Brazilian butt lift procedure hurt? No – you won’t feel […]


Plastic surgeon opens ‘fat bank’

20 March, 2018

An American plastic surgeon is saving his patients’ fat removed by liposuction in the deep freeze for them to use at a later date for other treatments, but is he crazy or a genius? The increase in fat transfer procedures means there is more demand for people’s own fat. Fat transfers require the harvesting of […]


Buttock augmentation using a fat

8 October, 2017

Improving the roundness and contours of the buttocks using fat transfers is becoming increasingly popular, being known as the ‘Brazilian buttlift’ or ‘Brazilian buttlift surgery’. Taking fat from one part of your body and implanting it another is a developing technique that is proving useful for many applications, including improving the appearance of scarring, plumping […]