Can cellulite go away on

1 November, 2019
Cellulite is the result of some complex body stuff going on, and while it might seem unsightly, it's just the way fat looks on our bodies. Yes, it can go away on its own if, for example, you lost weight or started weight training, but you can still have cellulite if you are thin and [...]

Why two skin treatments can

28 August, 2019

Combining skin treatments may seem like double the effort, but it could offer triple the benefit. There is no single ‘best’ treatment when it comes to your skin. Often a few excellent procedures combine that offer, together, even better results than you’d see with just one treatment alone. If you are concerned about signs of […]


Whats the buzz about skin

1 July, 2019

Skin needling is an effective skin rejuvenating procedure, often used for reducing fine lines, remodelling scars, and improving skin texture.


HIFU and the Ultraformer –

4 April, 2019

HIFU therapy for the face is revolutionising skin tightening treatments, for a deep, effective skin rejuvenation and anti-ageing treatment.