Plastic surgeon opens ‘fat bank’

20 March, 2018

An American plastic surgeon is saving his patients’ fat removed by liposuction in the deep freeze for them to use at a later date for other treatments, but is he crazy or a genius? The increase in fat transfer procedures means there is more demand for people’s own fat. Fat transfers require the harvesting of […]


How cheek filler makes you

11 January, 2018

Anyone cursing their chubby cheeks or ‘baby face’ usually feels more grateful as they age, since having fuller cheeks is a youthful sign on the face. This works in our favour as the loss of collagen and elastin takes its toll on the face, causing it to start looking thinner as the skin hangs a […]


Understanding your facial anatomy when

15 December, 2017

Understanding what lies beneath what we know of as our ‘face’ is interesting and complex, and how our cosmetic injections interact with this to create different effects is truly marvellous.  There is an intricate web of muscles, nerves, blood vessels and bone underneath our faces, meaning that any treatments must take this delicate infrastructure into […]


What’s the point of cheek

13 October, 2017

It can be hard to visualise what cheek filler can do for your face, but this type of filler can make a dramatic change to your face while retaining the essence of you. All very subtly too.  Usually you end up looking like the younger version of yourself – which is why you may be […]