How long will the results

29 May, 2019

Chin liposuction is a permanent fat-removal technique, and the fat that causes a double chin will never return, maintaining your new profile.


What to ask a cosmetic

4 April, 2019

We run you through the questions to ask a cosmetic surgeon before surgery, so you know what you’re in for and what you’ll get out of it.


Double chins: tell us how

1 November, 2017

A new survey conducted by a cosmetic company into how we feel about our double chins has revealed that 47 per cent of respondents were bothered by the appearance of the area under their chin. This is not a surprise – as we age, the double chin appears due to fatty deposits (not related to […]


What is a ‘chin job’?

29 September, 2017

A ‘chin job’ is a chin implant or dermal filler injection designed to augment the shape of the chin and jawline.  Chin implants are rarely performed in isolation, however, and are typically used in conjunction with other cosmetic work. The procedure is just as popular in men as women, but often for different reasons: men […]