With a needle and thread

6 November, 2018
Thread Lifting is a form of mini facelift surgery that targets loose skin and folds in the face. Less severe and invasive than its traditional face-lift counterpart, thread lifts bring the skin backwards and upwards to give the impression of a more youthful and firmer look. ENRICH Clinic is home to doctors and dermatologists skilled in [...]

The Secret’s out – Dermatologist

10 October, 2018

ENRICH Clinic is home to skilled and experienced cosmetic doctors and dermatologists. Our doctors and nurses are highly trained in the latest advanced lasers, technologies and treatments for facial rejuvenation. Advanced anti-ageing technology – Dermatologist Melbourne The Secret Microneedling Fractional Radio Frequency (RF) system is a unique technology, ideal for facial rejuvenation. The treatment improves […]


What is a migraine lift?

16 January, 2018
Millions of people globally suffer debilitating migraines, with newer techniques focussing on releasing specific muscles around the head. These muscles exert pressure on specific nerves, causing or contributing to debilitating migraines. Migraines may be alleviated by performing upper facelift surgery or a brow lift: the ‘migraine lift’. The migraine lift can be effective for severe [...]

Facelifts: how long do they

29 September, 2017

There is no accurate long-term data on how long facelifts last, largely due to inconsistent photography and techniques amongst surgeons over the years. Most people undergoing facelifts want to know how long the facelift will last, and what will happen to the lifted tissue over time. Now, we have one five-year follow-up study to go by after a […]