Freeze your fat away at

3 October, 2018

Fat freezing, or cryolipolysis, removes stubborn fat deposits in a comfortable, non-surgical way. Cooltech at ENRICH Clinic Melbourne will help you target those stubborn fat deposits that do not seem to shift, despite regular exercise and a well-balanced diet by freezing the fat. Cooltech is part of ENRICH Clinic’s Body Contouring Program. It is a […]


Can I return to normal

25 June, 2018
Fat freezing treatments are non-invasive walk-in walk-out treatments that do not cause any side-effects. There is no bruising or swelling involved with fat freezing, since the process of the fat removal is safe, non-inflammatory, and once the initial treatment is over, quite slow. The fat freezing treatment at our Melbourne clinic involves temperature-controlled fat cell [...]

Fat freezing away your double

30 March, 2018
Fat freezing can be used to remove smaller pockets of unwanted fat, including successfully treating a double chin. Double chin treatments are comfortable, non-invasive, and effective at reducing fat and improving the profile of the chin and neck. For those of you for whom liposuction is not an option, fat freezing can provide a suitable [...]

We talk Coolsculpting – the

12 February, 2018
CoolSculpting – fat freezing – is being talked about everywhere from the sidelines of soccer practice to Hollywood’s hills. Our experts weigh in on its merits.   Fat freezing isn’t that new; the CoolSculpting device has been around for a while, plus a handful of other devices like the Clatuu, with debate raging regarding which [...]