Regretful tattoo? Laser tattoo removal

7 September, 2018

ENRICH Clinic is home to advanced laser technologies that can help you end tattoo regret. Our team of experienced cosmetic doctors, dermatologists and nurses are highly trained in the use of lasers to remove tattoos. Contact us today to start your tattoo removal journey. How does laser tattoo removal Melbourne work?  Laser used in the treatment of tattoo […]


Experiencing Tattoo Regret? Laser Tattoo

5 July, 2018
Tattoo removal treatments have come along way, from the original Q switch lasers to the current technology of Picosecond lasers that are able to emit light and pulses into the skin lasting just billionths of a second! ENRICH Clinic Melbourne is home to the latest technology in laser tattoo removal. There’s no need to live with [...]

Laser tattoo removal machines explained

15 March, 2018
We’ll explain why different lasers can remove certain coloured pigment, and others cannot, so depending on your tattoo, you can choose the best laser. The major classes of laser tattoo removal machines are the range of Q-switched lasers to IPL machines. We think our picosecond Q-switched laser is the most effective and efficient laser tattoo [...]

Why picosecond lasers rock at

30 January, 2018
Picosecond lasers are a major breakthrough in laser tattoo removal – we can now clear tattoos in half the treatments with less pain, in any colour, on any skin tone.  Laser tattoo removal has moved on from broad laser devices that are not selective, like carbon dioxide and continuous wave lasers. We now use picosecond [...]