12 important things you should

13 November, 2017

If you want fuller lips than you currently have, or want to even out your lips, we have a few tips for you before you get started. We’ve been doing lip filler for a long time, and while all your questions will be answered in your lip filler consultation, we thought we’d save you some […]


Facial paralysis: lip filler significantly

20 October, 2017

Lip filler is being used to help people with facial paralysis have a significantly improved experience with talking, eating, and facial movement. Anyone experiencing facial paralysis has issues eating and speaking, so having some options for adjusting this is a welcome development.  A small study by researchers at the John Hopkins and Stanford Universities examined […]


Can anyone tell that I’ve

3 September, 2017

Lip fillers can make your lips look lovely and pouty, a little bit fuller, or more even. But can people tell if your lips are different? A study has offered us some insights into whether the human eye can detect lip filler, and at what point that observation happens.  The study is very importantly entitled […]


Lip fillers: how we get

9 August, 2017

There have been ongoing improvements in lip injections with lip/dermal filler over several decades. The the substances used for lip fillers now very safe and effective at lip plumping. A new study that looked at over 400 people who received lip fillers has offered new insights into injection techniques to avoid excess swelling, using this […]