Why your nose looks bigger

12 March, 2018

There is a phenomenon whereby taking a selfie makes you look like you have a much bigger nose than you really do, called the nasal distortion selfie effect. With all the selfies being snapped daily, understanding how to take a better (read: less bulbous-looking nose) selfie seems like a good idea. There are billions of […]


How much does a nose

31 January, 2018
We have a few different options for altering your nose at our Melbourne clinic, should it displease you. One of these options includes surgery, while the other may be a few well-placed dermal filler injections. Surgery is a long-lasting option, while dermal filler injections are temporary, lasting a year or two. What you want done [...]

How a few strategically-placed injections

20 November, 2017

Only a few years ago, if you wanted a different nose to the one you were born with – straighter, smaller, less bumpy, symmetrical – then you only had one option: a surgical nose job (rhinoplasty). Your nasal bones would be shaved and broken, and your face would be bruised for weeks. Now, you can […]


The quickest way to a

11 September, 2017

Nose jobs are now far easier and more comfortable than ever. In fact, the reason nose jobs are so quick and easy is because we can now use dermal fillers to smooth out bumps and lumps, and even up the nose, instead of rhinoplasty surgery. The beauty of these treatments is that they are temporary, […]