Best ways to tighten belly

1 November, 2019
Loose, sagging skin after a baby’s birth can take the shine off your once proud, full belly. Mild to moderate skin laxity around the tummy is normal for many women after pregnancy, but you may feel a little body despondent, despite your body having performed a rather magical feat in growing your baby. If your belly [...]

Skin tightening after liposuction

1 July, 2019

Get the most effective skin tightening after liposuction with our state-of-the-art skin tightening treatments.


Why people have liposuction

21 June, 2019

If you’ve been considering cosmetic treatments and are curious about why people have liposuction, let us tell you our experience.


Laser and vaser liposuction: what’s

9 April, 2019
The difference between vaser, laser, and regular tumescent liposuction is all in the tools used. All liposuction uses tumescent liposuction as its base, with Vaser liposuction using ultrasonic energy, and a laser using a thermal laser beam, to assist the practitioner in the procedure. Tumescent liposuction is the gold standard in liposuction techniques, regarded globally as [...]