Vaginal rejuvenation – ENRICH Clinic’s

12 July, 2018

Laser and radio frequency treatments for vaginal rejuvenation are becoming increasingly popular procedures. ENRICH Clinic is the only clinic in Victoria home to Juliet laser treatment and Thermiva radio frequency treatments for vaginal rejuvenation. These new technologies make treatments safe, effective and quick. This unique, combined approach maximises potential results for every client. Treatments can […]


How to avoid vaginal surgery

21 February, 2018
Vaginal surgery is extreme, and in some cases warranted, but if you are struggling with vaginal laxity, there may be other useful treatment strategies: radiofrequency and laser. Our Melbourne clinic has been offering women radiofrequency and laser treatments using the ThermiVa and Juilet for several years, with excellent results for vaginal laxity, stress urinary incontinence, [...]