ENRICH Clinic’s Intimate Program: Why

1 March, 2019

ENRICH Clinic is proud to offer women treatment options for vaginal rejuvenation, a treatment area that can often be associated with a degree of embarrassment. These treatments are relatively non-invasive and can have positive results for women suffering from vaginal laxity, dryness, incontinence or genitourinary syndrome of menopause (GSM). Laser and radio frequency treatments for […]


Vaginal rejuvenation – ENRICH Clinic’s

12 July, 2018

Laser and radio frequency treatments for vaginal rejuvenation are becoming increasingly popular procedures. ENRICH Clinic is the only clinic in Victoria home to Juliet laser treatment and Thermiva radio frequency treatments for vaginal rejuvenation. These new technologies make treatments safe, effective and quick. This unique, combined approach maximises potential results for every client. Treatments can […]


Why women want labiaplasty –

4 July, 2017

A researcher has looked deeper into patient perspectives on labia reduction surgery (labiaplasty), with the most common reason for women wanting a labiaplasty was the labia minora tugging during sex and discomfort wearing tight pants. Fifty patients aged between 17 and 51 entering consultations for labiaplasty filled out a questionnaire, with the following key findings: Almost […]


We have the most advanced

13 July, 2016

The Juliet Erbium laser system is one of the leading lasers for vaginal rejuvenation in the world, with ENRICH having the only Juliet laser in Australia. Our Melbourne clinic offers fast, effective vaginal rejuvenation treatments, performed by experienced, compassionate doctors. Vaginal rejuvenation by laser has only recently become a viable solution for vaginal or urinary laxity (‘loose’ […]