A typical tattoo-removal treatment

The size of the tattoo, and the colours in it, will determine the time it takes to remove the tattoo completely. Previously, eight to 10 treatments were necessary at six to eight week intervals, but with the PiQ04 laser, we’ve got that down to as little as five treatments (depending on the tattoo), though it could be as many as 10 for large or dense tattoos. We cannot promise complete clearance. Each treatment healing time between sessions will vary depending on the person, with over seven weeks standard. It could be up to 12 weeks, for example you have slow healing, like in some diabetics.

Black will be worked on first, until it is at least half gone, then other colours will start to be treated. Each colour will be treated separately, since all colours have their own light frequencies, or else the skin will burn.

If you have multiple colours (say a rainbow), then treatments may be two-weekly. Talk to your doctor.

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