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Earlobe creases, nose jobs, penis enlargement and high heel cushions – unusual dermal filler uses

Earlobe creases, nose jobs, penis enlargement and high heel cushions – unusual dermal filler uses
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Dermal filler has many uses in the skin, besides making your skin glow and plumping up various areas like lips and cheeks. In fact, dermal filler is being used with great success for many medical and cosmetic reasons,  with some of these reasons including minimising earlobe creases, enlarging penises, doing non-surgical nose jobs, and adding cushion into the heels or balls of the feet for long hours in high heels. Dermal filler is a very popular anti-ageing anti-wrinkle treatment.

While unusual treatments are not necessarily for anti-ageing purposes, they can be used to ensure areas remain plump and hydrated. The dermal filler improves skin while it acts as a filler.

Earlobe crease treatments – Melbourne clinic

Our earlobes keep growing as we age, with drooping earlobes being a sign of ageing. Ears are often overlooked when we visit the cosmetic dermatologist, but a quick look can spot the tell-tale criss-crossed appearance of earlobes caused by age. Dermal filler can quickly plump out the earlobes for a more youthful look.

Nonsurgical nose job – Melbourne clinic

It might seem counterintuitive, but a trick of the eye means that a prominent nose can be made to appear smaller to the human eye by evening out lumps and bumps – that is, adding dermal filler strategically. This may mean evening the bridge to create a straighter profile, tilting the tip up a touch, or adjusting the nostrils so that both sides match. Nonsurgical nose jobs can also feminise a nose or create a more masculine angle. Researchers have tried to find the ‘best’ angle for a nose to be on for men and women, with certain proportions able to be created using dermal filler.

Penis enlargement

The width of the penis can be increased with dermal filler injections. As with all dermal fillers, the effects are not long-lasting, typically a few months especially in an area of ‘high use’, which definitely includes the penis of a healthy man, but also areas like the lips and mouth. Cheeks, on the other hand, get dermal filler treatments that last a long time due to a relative lack of movement.

G-spot enhancement (the ‘G-shot’)

Some cosmetic surgeons are performing injections of dermal filler and also platelet-rich plasma (PRP) into the area inside the vagina known as the g-spot, which is said to promote sexual satisfaction in women when stimulated. Increasing the surface area of this spot is providing results in some women. The area is understood to be the area between the ‘legs’ of the clitoris (actually quite a large structure,  more like the Starship Enterprise than the little button in the diagrams), and the wall of the vagina, so stimulation of this area, the g-spot, is actually stimulating part of the clitoris, as opposed to the spot itself being of any value on its own.

Foot cushioning in high heels

Many women (and some men!) can’t live without their high heels, and toddle around in them day and night. While the issues with this remain many and varied, there are foot cushioning dermal filler injections to soften the impact of each tottering step on the ball and heel of the foot. This helps protect your bones from impact shocks.

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