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Another study shows lasers effectively tighten vaginas

Another study shows lasers effectively tighten vaginas
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vagina tighteningGiving birth and ageing can reduce the strength and extent of pelvic floor muscle contraction, having effectively weakened the support structures of your pelvis. This can result in leaking urine with coughing, laughing or sneezing mishaps, and dissatisfaction with sex. The vaginal and pelvic tissue can stretch, but not return to its former shape and supportive structure, leaving women in a murky place without much help.

One of the major problems women face is that only a quarter of women will talk to their doctor about these issues, thinking perhaps that nothing can be done, ‘it’s just my lot’ being a woman and having had children, or feeling embarrassed.

How a laser can improve your life (besides opening your garage door)
Lasers – arguably one of our finest inventions – can now selectively target vaginal cells to tighten, firm, and lubricate vaginal tissue so it can perform at its former optimal. Vaginal lasers have come a long way in their short lives, and now women can easily obtain vaginal laser treatments.

What the study found
This 2013 study took 92 women who met the criteria and assigned them either Kegels exercises (the control group) or the vaginal laser treatment. After six months, results showed significant improvements in the laser treated women, while no significant change was observed in the women doing Kegels exercises.

This does not mean that Kegels are ineffective, though they can be if done improperly. Kegels are an important part of maintaining pelvic floor strength, but these exercises may not be enough in some women with vaginal relaxation syndrome and stress urinary incontinence, where the issues are not so much pelvic floor problems, but actual pelvic tissue weakness.

This study showed that lasers can improve pelvic floor muscle strength and is an effective treatment for stress urinary incontinence. What’s more, it improves sexual satisfaction, doesn’t hurt, takes just half an hour, and does not involve any surgery at all.

Sound too good to be true? It’s not. 
We have a vaginal rejuvenation program like no other.

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