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Anti-ageing treatments now being used on scars

Anti-ageing treatments now being used on scars
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Anti-ageing treatments now being used on scarsAnti-ageing treatments are now being used on scars, particularly scars caused by burns, surgery, acne, and traumatic injury. Anti-ageing treatments have a focus on collagen – what scars are made of.

Getting a scar treated might be about getting better movement from a joint that has scarring preventing proper range of motion, scars we hate to look at, or painful, itchy scarring.

Scar removal is not possible, but fractional lasers can bring renewed confidence to people living with scars, sometimes for many years, by reducing the appearance – more even skin tone, flatter, and less discomfort.

Fractional lasers and how they work on scars
There are lasers that take the top layer of skin off to get to deeper layers – ablative – and those that spare the skin layers, instead targeting elements under the skin like veins or other structures.

These lasers stimulate collagen production and tighten skin when used as an anti-aging device, all without damaging the top layer of skin. There are several sessions in every laser treatment for scars, as you utilise the body’s own healing abilities.

How ablative fractional lasers work
Ablative lasers deliver tiny columns of heat quickly to the top and deeper layers of a scar, producing a new wound, which then heals more evenly than the previous scar. This makes ablative lasers a great scar treatment. This treatment often increases range of motion too, reduces pain and itch, and therefore improves quality of life. Scar redness and thickness can be reduced.

Other devices that are used in conjunction with ablative fractional lasers are pulsed-dye lasers and Q-switched lasers. These treatments take days or weeks to show results after each treatment, but can produce outstanding results for some scars.

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