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Do anti-wrinkle creams work?

Do anti-wrinkle creams work?
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anti wrinkle treatmentsThere are some creams on the market that contain anti-wrinkle muscle relaxant neuromodulators, typically the ingredient used in anti-wrinkle injections, but do they work?

The point of the anti-wrinkle injections is to paralyse or semi-paralyse the tiny muscles that create certain wrinkles in the skin, for example frown lines that can develop between the eyebrows.

Some people hate the idea of injections of any kind, so are opting for the same idea, but in a jar. But does it work? The claims of skincare manufacturers are broad, for example one company says their cream is clinically proven to reduce wrinkle depth by up to 25 per cent within an hour of application due to an anaesthetic that freezes facial muscles. Another says that their cream reduced wrinkles around the eyes by 30 per cent in one month.

The main issue with creams is that the skin is designed to keep poison out, so if the ingredients in the cream can reach the muscle or nerve, it means it can also reach the blood, which doesn’t seem very friendly. This doesn’t happen with anti-wrinkle injections, since the injection is into the muscle or nerve tissue – it’s specific and targeted. The skin is pretty hard to get through with creams, which is why only some products can be considered truly subdermal.

Anti-wrinkle injections, in our view, are far superior as a wrinkle treatment over creams – injections are direct, concentrated, and applied by your trained, experienced cosmetic dermatologist who does nothing but look at faces and skin all day long. There is certainly a place for good skincare creams in your skincare regime, but we think skip the anti-wrinkle creams and head to our office. If you hate needles, we’ll find another treatment for you that will get you the results you want – we’re experts!

We can solve your wrinkle conundrums without needles.

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