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Apogee Elite Laser for Hair Removal

Apogee Elite Laser for Hair Removal
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What is the Apogee Elite Laser?
The Apogee Elite is a highly versatile dual wavelength hair removal laser. It offers the advantage of having 2 wavelength capabilities in one system: 755nm Alexandrite for lighter skin types and 1064nm Nd:YAG for darker skin types.

With this laser, hair removal treatments can be customised. The Apogee Elite also offers a much faster treatment.

What happens during treatment?

  • A test patch is performed initially to determine the safest energy level to ensure the best results without skin damage.
  • A cooling device is used to cool the skin as the laser passes over, easing any discomfort and protecting the skin from heat damage.
  • If desired, a local anaesthetic cream may be applied to relieve any discomfort. This, however, is not usually necessary.
  • Because hair growth occurs in cycles, and not all hairs are present at the same time, usually around 5 treatments are required to ensure that all hair follicles have been treated.

Recovery process
During treatment, skin becomes somewhat red and warm. This should subside soon after the procedure. Very rarely, scabbing may occur. The skin should be treated gently for 24 hours after treatment.

In the week following the treatment, it may appear as though the hair is growing. This is because the destroyed hair follicles come to the surface and fall out within two weeks.

The time between treatments depends on the hair growth cycle, and intervals usually become longer with each treatment.

Is there anything to be done before laser hair removal treatment?

  • For optimal results, hair in the desired area should be shaved two days prior to treatment.
  • It is best not to pluck or wax the treated area three to four weeks before treatment as the hair must be in the follicle for the treatment to work.
  • It is particularly important to avoid sun exposure prior to, and during a course of hair laser treatment. Tanned skin dramatically increases the likelihood of burning.
  • Because ENRICH is a dermatology clinic, we treat any skin infection such as folliculitis before commencing treatment as infection can increase the risk of scarring.

If you would like to learn more about hair laser removal, contact us to arrange a consultation with one of our specialist cosmetic nurses.

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