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Apple TV launches plastic surgery channel

Apple TV launches plastic surgery channel
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plastic surgery cosmetic dermatology MelbourneIn 2017, Apple TV launched The Plastic Surgery Network app, with the channel the first content-driven, on-demand TV channel on Apple TV.

Anyone with access to the app can check out videos, podcasts and beauty-related content instantly, with users able to submit photographs, video, and questions to cosmetic surgery providers while they are watching the channel. Providers can be reviewed, rated, searched and contacted.

The Plastic Surgery Network so far doesn’t have a large provider base, and providers are only in the United States. This makes it much less accessible and useful to Australian audiences, with some of the features possibly not available under Australian law due to strict advertising standards relating to the medical community.

While it’s an interesting concept, and no doubt popular in certain demographics, patients may be selling themselves short by avoiding the care, attention, skill and experience of their cosmetic dermatologist or surgeon, instead receiving advice from an untrusted source. Facial plastic surgery patients in particular really benefit from personal interactions with their doctor, from the first step, to avoid misinformation and skewed ideas about what they can achieve.

When a surgeon is slicing into your face or body, it’s good to have rapport – trust is important in this relationship as in any with a professional person. It remains to be seen whether the virtual reality landscape, with its smoke and mirrors, will lend itself to cosmetic consultations in the future. Providers in the US can sign up for $300 with a one month trial period.

The plan is to offer more options, like a virtual consultation room and a personal care coordinator that talks to you. Apple TV units cost about $200, with so far over 20 million units sold. Apple TV 4k has live sports and news, with content from Netflix, Hulu and ESPN.

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