Are eyelash extensions safe?

Full, long, dark eyelashes accentuate the eye. Thick, dark lashes were created first with mascara, then stick-on eyelashes, and now we can get eyelash extensions and boost the growth of eyelashes with growth-enhancers.

But are eyelash extensions safe to use so close to the eye?
Eyelash extensions are made out of mink, silk, or poly nylon and last for up to four weeks. The natural eyelash will shed, taking the extension with it. The extension is glued to the natural eyelash in a process that can take up to two hours. A single artificial lash is applied to one natural lash.

The extensions can fall off if oily make-up is used, or the wearer rubs their eyes, but the lashes are waterproof. No mascara is required, since the lashes look as if you already have lashings (ehem!) of it on.

What can go wrong with eyelash extensions?
At no point should the adhesive or extension touch the actual eye. Reactions can include eye redness, pain, soreness, itching, inflammation, allergic reactions, and a type of contact dermatitis reaction. Some glues contain formaldehyde, which can cause inflammation of the eye in a conjunctivitis response. Other reactions could include asthma, runny nose, and dermatitis for the person applying the lashes.

When things go wrong
Lasting eyelash damage can occur, with transplantation the only way to get them back. If follicles are missing or damaged, growth medicine may not be successful at promoting growth of new eyelashes. A hair from the scalp may need to be transplanted, however it will need to be trimmed.

Overall safety
Due to the procedure being relatively new, and practitioners not necessarily having a lot of experience, adverse reactions are common. The glues used can be quite strong, so paying for good-quality services by a reputable practitioner is important. Losing your eyelashes isn’t much fun!

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