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Coolsculpting is a fat freezing treatment for fat cell removal that lasts forever. The fat cells have been removed and will never grow back.

To understand spot-fat removal techniques like liposuction and fat freezing, you must understand a little about the nature of fat. Once you hit puberty, you have all the fat cells you’ll ever have, and the fat cells shrink and expand depending on how much energy they are storing.

When we remove a fat cell from your body, either by liposuction or cryolysis (fat freezing), it is gone forever. This means that if you don’t have a stable weight, you will put on weight as usual, but the storage will occur in other fat cells on your body.

You have millions of fat cells, so you won’t miss anything after Coolsculpting fat freezing treatments – your fat cells will operate as usual expanding and contracting with normal weight fluctuations over your lifetime. You just have less fat stored after treatments.

How fat freezing works – Clatuu and Coolsculpting – Melbourne

Coolsculpting and other fat freezing treatments like the Clatuu (which we use at our Melbourne clinic, a superior model to the Coolsculpting device) work by reducing the temperature of the fat to the point that it can no longer sustain itself. This effectively destroys the fat cell, which is then over the coming days and weeks scavenged by your body and eliminated. This is permanent fat cell removal.

What happens if I put on weight after fat freezing?

Fat freezing only removes some fat cells (not all of them), so you will put on weight normally and look natural no matter what. Our fat freezing practitioners will never remove too much fat in one area – we aim for even, natural-looking results.

How many fat freezing treatments do I need?

You may require several fat freezing treatments to get the results you are after, since the handpieces can only reach so deep. This slower pace is a benefit, since going slowly means you can carefully sculpt your body as you wish, while losing inches without it being obvious.

Difference between the Coolsculpting and Clatuu fat freezing devices

The Coolsculpting device takes twice as long as the Clatuu due to the handpieces – Coolsculpting only has one handpiece, whereas the Clatuu has two. This effectively doubles the power, halving the time it takes for one treatment.

We prefer the Clatuu over Coolsculpting at ENRICH in Melbourne, because it is more efficient for our clients who can then make shorter appointments, or have twice as much done in a session.

Does fat freezing hurt?

Fat freezing is a very comfortable treatment, so you can lie back and relax, with some minor discomfort as the device gets to work. You may feel pressure and other sensations as the Clatuu or Coolsculpting devices are attached to suction up your fat, as it applies the cooling.

Our practitioners are experts in fat freezing, so make an appointment to see how many inches you can lose off your waist, hips, belly, or thighs in this effective non-invasive treatment.

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