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Arm liposuction aftercare and recovery

Arm liposuction aftercare and recovery
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Arm liposuction arm liposuction surgeryis relatively non-invasive, but it’s still surgery and comes with specific aftercare rituals that must be abided.

You will be going home the same day of your procedure, with specific instructions from your surgeon. You will be given all the information and tools you need to feel comfortable in your arm liposuction aftercare at home.

Understanding the procedure
You need to understand the procedure and how your skin and body will behave afterwards to understand your aftercare.

Arm liposuction using the tumescent technique is usually done under a local anaesthetic, however, this may depend on your individual circumstances and if there are multiple areas to treat. You will have a few very small incisions that do not get stitched, so fluid can escape the arm instead of staying trapped.

Recovery – discomfort, compression garments, bruising
You can expect to be back at work – depending on your occupation – within a few days. You’ll need to wear compression garments for weeks (at your surgeon’s discretion) to help reduce swelling and keep the shape of the arm.

After your surgery, expect to feel tenderness of the area – you’ve undergone surgery, your body has had tissue removed, so this is to be expected. You will be given pain relief to manage discomfort, and may feel a light pain, burning, slight swelling and possibly some numbness to the area as the area gets back to normal.

There is likely to be some bruising, though the tumescent technique reduces bleeding, and therefore bruising. The bruising will take a few weeks to dissipate, as the body scavenges the dead cells and recycles them.

What you can expect from arm liposuction
The results – as with all liposuction – take months to reveal itself, as the swelling dissipates and your arm settles to its new size and shape. Each person will have results unique to them, since we are all built slightly differently.

Results are long-lasting, but maintaining a healthy weight and lifestyle is important. Read more about what happens if you put on weight after liposuction.

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