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Beauty fads: useful or bunkum?

Beauty fads: useful or bunkum?
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beauty fadsBeauty fads – we love ’em. The promise of more beautiful skin – or at least the appearance thereof – is seductive. But is there any truth behind the latest popular beauty fads? We look into them.

The ‘vampire facial’ – PRP injections
Made famous by the Kardashians, the ‘vampire facial’ is actually less weird than it sounds. It is a process of removing the platelet-rich plasma (PRP) from your own blood, from the arm, and then injecting the stem cells back into another area, like the face. It works. We vote yes.

Using bee venom in your facial products
Bee venom from the (now-at risk) honeybee has the ability to stimulate collagen production in the skin, so has been used in creams and other products to cause a reaction of the skin. It’s a really labour-intensive process to extract the venom from the bees, but thankfully now they don’t die in the process.

They do get a small electric shock though, so if the happiness of your honeybees matters to you, avoid these creams. There are better ways – like radiofrequency, PRP, lasers, dermal fillers and other facial treatments – to go about stimulating collagen, creating better, smoother, more youthful-looking skin that don’t involve any insect or animal species. We vote no.

The placenta facial
Sheep’s placenta is used as part of face creams as a nutritive. We think this is unnecessary (and gross!), because we have so many better options for your facial rejuvenation, that we know work. Using a sheep’s placenta, while not harmful to any animal, since the placenta – once the lamb is born – is one of the only parts of a mammal that isn’t needed after its primary use, we vote no.

We use this all the time in a variety of treatments and have a state-of-the-art microneedling machine that is faster, more efficient, and has finer needles than any other device. Microneedling works very well for getting certain ingredients deeper into the skin – it’s used for PRP, dermal fillers, and other specialist dermatological concoctions to stimulate collagen, reduce scarring (from acne in particular), improve skin, and reduce blemishes and wrinkles. We love it and vote yes.

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