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Beauty tips for keeping your face lovely every day

Beauty tips for keeping your face lovely every day
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Here we have a collection of tips and tricks on how to fake and make your way to beautiful-looking skin.

Tip #1 Wear tinted moisturiser to even out skin tone

A tiny bit of tint (not slathers of foundation) can even out your skin tone and give the appearance of clear, clean, healthy skin. Even if it’s not true. You can even apply a product that has a small amount of fake tanner in it, so over time, your skin will have a sun-kissed glow without effort.

Tip #2 Re-apply a light moisturiser during the day, particularly if you work in air conditioning

Some air conditioning actually works like a fridge, cooling by removing water from the air. This leaves the air particularly dry, and the moisture in your skin can evaporate more quickly. Moisturiser helps keep the fluids trapped in your skin, not floating around in the air. Dry skin looks dull.

Tip #3 Use temperature to your advantage

If you are feeling puffy, use a bag of frozen peas on your face before you start applying make-up. Lie back, take five minutes, and let the fluid drain from your face by shrinking your blood and lymph vessels.

Tip #4 Haemorrhoid cream works on puffy eyes

If you’ve had a big night but have a big day, haemorrhoid cream is designed specifically to constrict blood and lymph vessels, and in doing so, works to reduce swelling around eyes as well as other places. Rub a dab into your bags while you get ready for your day or night out, wipe off before you apply make-up, and viola. Less puff.
If you have skin problems, see a dermatologist quickly – don’t wait.

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