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Blaming everything under the sun: wrinkles and UV light

Blaming everything under the sun: wrinkles and UV light
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  • Blaming everything under the sun: wrinkles and UV light

Young and middle-aged women are often mystified about what is causing their wrinkles to appear, particularly when they present themselves to their cosmetic dermatologist for skin rejuvenation techniques.

The truth is, their skin is almost always damaged from years of UV rays. Women are blaming their kids, their diet, and the stress of daily living, so what does this tell us about what women think is happening?

A British survey found that women blamed the following on their wrinkles:

Stress and anxiety
30 per cent
Lack of sleep
21 per cent 
Having children
18.2 per cent
Poor diet and low fitness
15.1 per cent
4.7 per cent 
Sun exposure 
4.4 per cent
4.3 per cent 
Variety of other reasons, including disability
2.3 per cent 

What dermatologists find is that women are not really understanding the way skin cells react to UV light – with an injury that changes them forever – and are therefore blaming other elements in their lives on wrinkles caused by sun damage.

Women tend to downplay the sun exposure they’ve had, with a real disconnect between what they see as regular sun exposure, the incidence of sun burn they have experienced, and wrinkles. Understanding the way the sun works on skin is of critical importance when it comes to preventing and treating wrinkles.

The biggest contributor to skin ageing is the sun, which has been known for such a long time it comes as a surprise to dermatologists that their patients are still not connecting the dots. Because previous sun exposure (maybe years ago) and the wrinkles are so far apart, it can be hard to link the two with causality, but it remains true that premature skin ageing is one of the main indicators of past sun damage. This is what’s causing the wrinkles. It doesn’t mean other elements – hormones, hydration, sleep quality, lifestyle, menopause, nutrition – are not contributing, but sun damage is the key that we seem to be ignoring.

What does this survey tell us?

What we can glean from this survey is that women are very focused on stress and anxiety as the causes for their wrinkles, which is a clue to giving good patient care, but also an opportunity to educate and talk about the impact of the sun.

Skin rejuvenation – taking back (some of) the years – Melbourne clinic

Skin rejuvenation techniques have come a long way, which means that we can – sort of – undo skin damage by promoting new tissue growth. That is, fresh production of collagen and elastin, and other treatments like laser resurfacing to get rid of the damaged cells on top, to reveal the new skin cells underneath. This can bring a freshness to a tired-looking face that you just can’t achieve any other way.

Skin rejuvenation techniques utilised at ENRICH’s Melbourne clinic include radiofrequency, laser, and hydrating, renewing injectables that all work in concert for skin rejuvenation. It’s never too late to improve the appearance of skin with skin rejuvenation procedures, which can make a dramatic difference in the texture, tone and appearance of the facial skin.

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