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How much does liposuction cost in Melbourne?

9 July, 2016

The cost of liposuction for men and women really varies quite significantly depending on what country you’re in. Australia has very high standards of both equipment and practitioner, since to perform liposuction, you must be a doctor. This is not to say that overseas you can’t find quality practitioners, but it does mean you tend […]


Platysmal band surgery – the procedure

8 July, 2016

Platysmal band surgery is a procedure to restore a mouth youthful contour to the neck, via the platysmal band muscles. The platysmal muscles are those that run up the neck vertically, and are visible when we grimace, but as we age, they can be visible all the time. The surgical procedure A discreet incision is […]


Platysmal bands on the neck – treatment options

19 June, 2016

Platysmal bands on the neck are an early sign of ageing, particularly in women. The vertical neck lines that run from your décolletage to the chin become more prominent when the face is animated. This can happen even when there are few signs of ageing on other areas of the face. There are a few ways […]


What does rosacea look like?

19 June, 2016

Rosacea usually affects the central portion of the face, and occasionally the chest, back and even the scalp. It is characterised by some or all of the following: Facial redness: Rosacea usually causes a persistent redness in the central portion of the face. Small blood vessels on the nose and cheeks often enlarge and become visible. […]