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Body contouring after weight loss – improve your confidence

Body contouring after weight loss – improve your confidence
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Body shaping after weight loss MelbourneLosing weight has immense benefits, but accepting with good grace the body you are sometimes left with – lighter as it may be – can be a rude surprise.

Stretched skin, hygiene issues, sagging pockets, and lumps and bumps may cause discomfort in your life, despite your weight being less and your BMI fitting into a healthier range. This is where body sculpting can step in. 

It is here that body contouring surgeries and treatments come into their own. These surgeries and procedures are not for everyone, but there is a good argument that if you’ve come this far in your weight loss journey, addressing everyday comforts and confidences is worth the expense and effort. Exactly what those extra procedures will be will vary between you, and bears careful consideration by you and your cosmetic dermatologist or surgeon.

Demand for body contouring procedures is increasing in line with weight-loss surgeries, but there isn’t a lot of information about just how successful these procedures are in making someone feel better in their lives.

But will I feel better afterwards?

A research project has examined the effects on a person that body contouring treatments have after weight loss. That means people who have gone to great lengths and effort to lose weight, via many methods, but have been left with a lot of sagging or excess skin that they were profoundly unhappy with.

There are a range of body contouring treatments and surgeries available, including breast augmentation, liposuction, skin tightening treatments, tummy tucks, and so on. Each person had their own set of treatments performed, which ranged from between one and three each. The point of the study was not what surgery they had, but how satisfied they were six months on from body contouring surgery. Just over 40 people who had lost 20kg or more before the surgery were quizzed.

The results were overall very positive for body contouring after weight loss, however not everyone was super impressed, with a few participants unhappy at the end of it. Most participants had quality of life and confidence improvements.

As has been repeatedly found in studies that look into the psychological aspects of cosmetic procedures, our mental state tends to remain stable, while our sense of confidence in our lives, including at work, increases. Depression and anxiety decrease as body image improves.

Body contouring procedures

There are many ways to tighten, tuck and modify the body when it comes to excess skin and tidying up after massive weight loss.

  • Wave-based tightening treatments
  • Liposuction
  • Fat freezing
  • Skin treatments
  • Surgical tightening
  • Tummy tuck

While we do not perform all of these treatments at ENRICH Clinic, for example we do not perform tummy tuck surgery, not everyone will need drastic surgery to tighten their skin up after weight loss. Less invasive treatments can provide a less costly (both physically and financially) option with solid results.

Which body contouring procedures you may benefit from

A consultation will allow your cosmetic dermatologist to examine your skin and recommend the best body contouring treatments to achieve your goals. Sometimes this may be referring you to a plastic surgeon to get more a more advanced opinion.

At our Melbourne clinic, we work on effective, less invasive types of treatments for those who are not in a position, one way or the other, to undergo invasive surgery.

We love bodies.
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