Breast reduction liposuction for teenage girls – should we be doing it?

Teenage girls getting breast reductions MelbourneTeenage girls with very large breasts may benefit from non-invasive, virtually scarless breast reduction liposuction, with the backing of research. She can walk in and walk out in a couple of hours with all of her breastfeeding ducting safe and sound, with more manageable breasts.

The adverse impacts, both physically and emotionally, of girls and women with very large breasts is well documented, however surgery has been avoided in any woman who hasn’t finished having any children she might want. Damage to the ducting systems in regular breast reduction surgery is unavoidable, damage to breast tissue can be significant, and the surgery can be incredibly invasive.

Liposuction by comparison is quick to perform, leaves just two tiny incisions, some bruising and swelling that quickly dissipates, with a very fast recovery. About half the volume of the breast can be removed using liposuction, so long as the breast is mostly made up of fat, as opposed to being quite duct-heavy.

A study conducted recently in the United States on teenage girls looked more carefully into how regular breast reduction surgery affected them, with questionnaires at six months, one, three and five years. A control group of teenage girls, also with very large breasts, but who did not undergo surgery, was used to compare results with. The girls were all about age 17, with many overweight or obese.

The study confirmed the known negative self-reported health-related quality of life of teenagers with large breasts – lower self-esteem, less physical, emotional and social wellbeing, with more breast-related complaints than their smaller-breasted peers.

The study was not on liposuction, but on breast reduction mammoplasty, so it can be postulated that a less harrowing surgery – minute in comparison – would be even more well received.

The outcomes included marked improvements in physical and emotional wellbeing, better social functioning, improvements in mental health, self-esteem and breast-related pain. It was found that early intervention helps the physical and psychosocial burdens of large breasts, and returns these girls to a state commensurate with their unaffected peers.

The most striking results were found at the six-month follow up point, but persisted well into the five-year follow-up. Sustained, long-term physical and emotional gains were found, and was determined not to be post-operative ‘honeymoon’ period excitement. The overweight and obese patients and their normal-weight peers both had the same improvements.

So is early intervention unethical? Should we make them wait?

When it comes to feeling ok in the world, having giant breasts isn’t up there on any teenage girl’s list of ‘yes please’. In fact, having large breasts is typically an interference in daily life, a daily life that is fraught with obstacles as it is at high school. Slap some big boobs on to the front of her, and you’ve got yourself a girl who has to fight extra hard to feel good about herself. Add obesity or being overweight to this mixture and you have low self-esteem and a possible lifetime of struggles on your hands.

If we can intervene in less invasive ways to improve the quality of life of our teenage girls, and reduce their burden in life with an early, non-invasive liposuction breast reduction, imagine what it will save her? Huge breasts are not anyone’s idea of a good time, not in adolescence and not in adulthood. Trouble with clothing, bras, back pain and mobility are just a few problems encountered by women with very large breasts, and those are just the practical problems.

Breast reduction liposuction is safe, effective, quick, virtually scarless, breast-feeding friendly, and nowhere near as huge physically as a surgical mammoplasty. If you think you/your daughter could use a chat about her options, call our friendly staff at our Melbourne clinic today to book in for a consultation with Dr Rich.

Breast reduction liposuction is a scar-free life-saver for women with big breasts.
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