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Breast reduction: liposuction vs traditional surgery

Breast reduction: liposuction vs traditional surgery
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Breast reduction: liposuction vs traditional surgeryThere are two types of breast-reduction surgery – the surgical excision of breast tissue and breast-reduction liposuction.

Breast reduction by liposuction
This technique is a very effective, far safer way to remove fatty breast tissue to reduce cup size by up to half. The ducting system is kept intact for later breastfeeding, and post-liposuction mammograms show a normal breast.

The procedure is quite straightforward, with excellent results. Liposuction on breasts does everything you need and nothing you don’t, making it a much safer option than it used to be.

We use the tumescent liposuction technique – a couple of very minute incisions are made, micro-cannulas are inserted, and the tumescent fluid is added to the breast fat to soften it. It is then suctioned out with your surgeon’s careful eye. There is virtually no scarring. The results are even, natural-looking, and the breast gets a slight lift. Your practitioner’s experience is pertinent for a great outcome.

Surgical (traditional) breast reduction
Surgical breast reduction surgery is more appropriate when the breast has a lot of glandular tissue, sagging skin, and excess tissue. It is far more invasive, and there is no sparing of the ducting system for breastfeeding. A lift and shape can also be done at the same time.

New techniques are replacing the older excision techniques, where the breast was quite scarred and the risk of damage or uneven results was greater. There is definite scarring in this form of breast reduction and reshaping, but it is not very visible.

Post-surgery mammograms often show some calcification around the scarred areas.

How to decide which technique is best for you
Having a thorough discussion with your cosmetic surgeon is the best way to determine what would be best for you. Both may receive partial Medicare rebates.

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