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Breast lift using anti-wrinkle injections in the pecs

Breast lift using anti-wrinkle injections in the pecs
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There is a controversial breast lift technique being performed by a doctor in Britain after muscle relaxant anti-wrinkle injections are used to disable the pecs. The treatment switches the muscles that hold the breast tissue up by relaxing one muscle, so others take over.

Muscle relaxant is injected into the pectoral muscles forcing the shoulder and chest muscles to take the load. This causes the breast to appear higher up, perkier, and up to a cup size larger. Treatment doesn’t last a long time (just six months), but this is a surgery-free breast lift of sorts. The treatment is best suited to those with an A-C-sized breast cup, says Dr Nirdosh, the British developer of the technique.

But is it safe?
There is some concern that reducing the function of important structural muscles like the pectoral muscles is a bad idea. The pectoral muscles work the front of your torso, for example drawing your arms up to and away from your chest, with a few different elements making up this muscle group: pectoralis major, pectoralis minor, pectoral fascia and serratus anterior.

The bulk of the chest muscle is made up by the pectoralis major, lying underneath the breast. This muscle flexes, extends, and rotates the long bone of the upper arm (humerus). Pectoralis minor is a small, thin, triangular muscle that sits underneath the pectoralis major, and attaches to the ribs to stabilise the scapula – your shoulder’s largest bone.

Another muscle connects to a muscle in the armpit, and moves the shoulder downwards and forwards, while yet another moves the shoulder forward towards the torso, and is the muscle you would use when you throw a punch.

There are many ways to lift the breast without disabling your muscles!
Stay strong.
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