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Why do I have broken blood vessels on my face?

Why do I have broken blood vessels on my face?
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Broken blood vessels spider veins Melbourne TreatmentsBroken blood vessels on our faces aren’t actually broken – in fact, they are far from it. Any red blood vessel you can see under the skin that is red or purple is still alive and well, but possibly enlarged and close to the skin.

The web of veins that you may be able to see weaving their way under your skin are known as spider veins, and while we might not like how they look, they are not dangerous. They are more like a sign of something else going on, like thinning skin or rosacea.

A broken blood vessel, in contrast to a spider vein, is more like a black or dark purple bruise in its appearance, since this is what a bruise is – spilt blood from a burst blood vessel that will eventually be scavenged by our body and disappear.

These visible, functional blood vessels can turn a lovely complexion red and blotchy over time, with spider veins common on the face and legs.

Reasons we get spider veins

  • Genetic component – sometimes we’re just born like that – check out the legs and faces of your parents and grandparents, and you’ll have your answer for your future
  • Weather – circulation is affected by extremes of heat and cold, and the rapid shift between the two that results in flushing and can cause spider veins to appear
  • Pressure changes – a big sneeze or cough can cause spider veins
  • Pregnancy – hormones can contribute to changes in our vascular system, and will likely disappear after the birth
  • Irritants in your environment – some chemicals or toxic substances in our environment can cause skin damage (thinning) and spider veins
  • Rosacea – flushing due to rosacea can cause spider veins to appear
  • Drinking – alcohol can dilate blood vessels, with frequent alcohol consumption linked with spider vein development
  • Trauma to skin – dilation of blood vessels for any reason can cause blood vessels to change

Treating spider veins

It’s not hard to diagnose spider veins, since they are very characteristic in their appearance. A dermatologist will rule out any more serious causes of your skin’s appearance, and then help you decide on the best treatment options.

Treatment options for spider veins include: 

  • Skin creams to increase the thickness of your skin so that the spider veins are not so obvious
  • Sclerotherapy to remove the veins from circulation entirely
  • Laser treatments to remove veins
  • IPL treatments to remove veins, may require more treatments than laser or sclerotherapy

We have the best blood vessel treatments, to get your complexion clear again.
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