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Your ultimate guide to liposuction


Get the skinny on the full liposuction procedure

We go through the full procedure with you from start to finish in plain English so you don't miss anything. Understanding what we're up to and why can help calm your nerves.

Learn how fat works

Might sound sciency, but it's really interesting! Understanding the nature of fat cells and how they work in your body means you can keep your recontoured self looking great into the future.

We explain recovery - comfort, showering, compression garments

When you leave the clinic, you'll have a specific set of instructions to follow, for very good reasons. We run you through these instructions at the time, but knowing them beforehand can be helpful.

All your questions answered!

The ebook is a great place to start your liposuction journey, from feeling nervous, to what you'll be doing while you're in theatre.


The Ultimate Guide to Liposuction covers

  • Can You Benefit from Lipo?
  • How Lipo Works
  • Benefits of Lipo
  • Treatable Areas
  • Lipo Frequently Asked Questions
  • Before and After Gallery!

Body sculpting liposuction
before and after photos

*Individual results will vary depending on your treatment area,body type and goals. Download Free eBook

About Dr Rich

What you need to know about Dr Rich

Dr Rich is one of Australia's premier liposuction practitioners, specialising in body recontouring and cosmetic dermatology as one of his passions and greatest skills. Dr Rich offers the most advanced liposuction techniques available in the world, and uses state-of-the-art technology to get you the smoothest results. Dr Rich has chaired the liposuction symposium at the World Congress of Dermatology, and the Australian College of Cosmetic Surgery symposium, whlie also regularly attending and asked to speak at national and international conferences. Dr Rich is committed to offering only the best care, while being a forward thinker driving change. You are, quite literally, in the hands of one of the best liposuction practitioners in Australia.

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