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Can people tell if I have had lip injections?

Can people tell if I have had lip injections?
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Can people tell lip filler lip injections MelbourneCosmetic implants and fillers have come a long way since silicone lip injections and breast implants. It’s only in the last decade or so that improved options have been developed that are not only safe, but can be carefully applied for beautiful, natural-looking results. Times have changed. 

We’ve been watching celebrities for years, snuffling at their plastic surgery fails and trying to figure out if they have ‘had work done’ with countless ‘exposés’ and before and after catalogues in magazines. Nowadays it’s almost a guarantee that the humans of Hollywood’s are having cosmetic procedures a lot, but the nature of what ‘having work done’ means is really changing.

If we take a little wander down celebrity lane with a cosmetic dermatologist, it is clear to the experts who has been getting a little too much done in the lips department, including those who got their lips done in the silicone age, and who has naturally beautiful lips.

Scarlett Johansson

Cosmetic dermatologist verdict? Naturally beautiful lips. Possibly the best lips ever. Scarlett Johansson’s lips are the sort of lips that appear out of the magical wonderland of good genes and do not need lip injections.


Cosmetic dermatologist verdict? While she is speculated to have had work done on her nose and breasts, Beyoncé’s well-proportioned, gorgeous lips look real.

Lindsay Lohan

Cosmetic dermatologist verdict? Lindsay’s lips go from being pillow-sized, very plump and the upper and lower lips being the same size, which is unnatural. Lindsay’s lips have definitely felt the pinch of lip injections.

Lara Flynn Boyle

Cosmetic dermatologist verdict? Lara’s lips are too thick to be natural, since the proportions are off. Usually the lower lip is about twice as big as the upper lip (though not always), and in Lara, this is largely off. This may be due to longer-lasting fillers being injected or an implant.

Megan Fox

Cosmetic dermatologist verdict? Megan Fox’s lips are beautiful, but Megan almost certainly has a standing appointment to get lip injections.

Kim Kardashian

Cosmetic dermatologist verdict? Kim has lovely lips, but they are not all natural. The look Kim has chosen is very glamorous and avoids the duck-bill pout that seems popular at the moment.

Meg Ryan

Cosmetic dermatologist verdict? Meg Ryan has been constantly criticised and mocked for her overdone lips. It’s possible that she had permanent implants that can’t be undone, like a silicone injection, and she is now stuck with her lips.

Demi Moore

Cosmetic dermatologist verdict? Demi Moore is naturally a thin-lipped woman, however over the years she has slightly plumped up her top lip – but not much.

Jennifer Garner

Cosmetic dermatologist verdict? Jennifer has naturally beautiful lips, but she does appear to have had lip injections too. They don’t look overcooked.

Eva Longoria

Cosmetic dermatologist verdict? Eva has gorgeous lips, and don’t seem to be under the influence of lip injections.

Angelina Jolie

Cosmetic dermatologist verdict? Nuff said. Most famous naturally beautiful lips in the world, untouched by lip injections.

Julia Roberts

Cosmetic dermatologist verdict? Julia Roberts’ lips are unbelievable, and her smile is simply the best. While we love Julia’s smile, she actually kicked off collagen lip injections in the 90s, which set off the lip injection obsession we are looking down the barrel of now.

Priscilla Presley

Cosmetic dermatologist verdict? Priscilla Presley appears to have had surgery on her mouth, smile surgery, to turn up the corners of her mouth. This craze has swept through Korea, and can result in people looking a bit like the Joker, instead of happy. She probably had lip injections to get such big lips, though she was known to have had a fake doctor inject her lips with silicone many years ago. Certainly not untouched.

Nicole Kidman

Cosmetic dermatologist verdict? Nicole’s lips have gone in and out of different phases of volume, with her lips being naturally small. Sometimes her lips are gorgeous and other times they look a little overcooked.

If our Melbourne clinic does your lip injections, we promise you nobody will be able to tell!
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