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How cellulite affects our perception of ourselves

How cellulite affects our perception of ourselves
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A survey looking into how women with cellulite feel about their bodies versus those who do not have cellulite reveals that perceptions are different between the two groups.

Almost all women have cellulite – it’s the norm rather than the exception – but our obsession with solving cellulite has reached epic proportions. There are creams, lotions, potions and pills that all promise to ‘cure’ cellulite, despite the fact that still to this day, there is no permanent solution for cellulite. (We have the most advanced, long-lasting treatments for cellulite, but even we haven’t managed to solve it for good!)

The survey looked at women’s perceptions of general attractiveness and opinions on cellulite. Key findings of the study were:

  • Ninety-one per cent of women with cellulite can identify a time in the year that they feel most bothered by it
  • Eighty-eight per cent identify that time as summertime at the beach
  • Women who self-report having cellulite have a different perspective on their appearance than those without
  • Women with cellulite ranked their own appearance on average lower than women without cellulite (6.4 vs. 6.7 respectively, with 10 being ‘extremely attractive’)
  • Ninety-seven per cent of those with cellulite said they would change a part of their body
  • Out of this 97 per cent, 82 per cent said they would change their belly, followed by upper legs (62 per cent), buttocks (50 per cent), and arms 37 per cent)
  • Out of the women with cellulite, 23 per cent find their lower legs the most attractive, then buttocks (18 per cent, upper legs (10 per cent), and stomach (four per cent)
  • The women with cellulite have tried to ‘fix’ or hide their cellulite with treatments, including avoiding certain clothes, turning off the lights while being intimate with a partner, and avoiding communal dressing rooms

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