Benefits of laser hair removal

5 September, 2018

Laser hair removal is the most permanent of hair removal treatment options. ENRICH Clinic is home to the best and most advanced lasers, treatments and techniques. We are specialists in laser hair removal and our experienced team of doctors and nurses oversee all aspects of the treatment process. Contact us to secure an initial consultation. How does it […]


Where to go for laser

19 June, 2018
There are many reputable laser hair removal clinics in Melbourne, but there are also many amateurs with lasers. The real question is, ‘where not to go for laser hair removal in Melbourne?’. What you should know about laser hair removal practitioners and their equipment Laser hair removal is a very specific cosmetic treatment that requires [...]

What’s the difference between IPL

17 May, 2018
IPL – intense pulsed light – is a type of cosmetic energy-based tool used in clinics for a variety of purposes, however it is not a great hair removal tool. We only use laser hair removal techniques and technology at our Melbourne clinic, as IPL is not suitable for this purpose and may do more [...]

Laser hair removal for newbies

4 April, 2018
Your friend lifts her arm and shows you her silky smooth and hairless pit. She’s had laser hair removal treatments, and you want that. You want that! But what’s it really like? Does it work? Does it hurt? We walk you through the whole process so there is nothing left to your imagination, and silky [...]