Microdermabrasion Melbourne – Skin fix

6 September, 2018

Microdermabrasion treatments improve the texture and overall quality of the skin by providing a deep clean and exfoliation. Microdermabrasion gives smooth, clear skin. ENRICH Clinic is an advanced cosmetic and dermatology clinic in Armadale, Melbourne, home to skilled cosmetic doctors, dermatologists and nurses. Contact us to arrange a consultation. Asclepion Erbium laser – Microdermabrasion treatment Melbourne at ENRICH […]


Figuring out rosacea links to

10 October, 2017

Researchers have reported links between rosacea and other health conditions, which is not that much of a surprise when we consider the inflammatory, systemic nature of rosacea. At this stage nobody is sure where rosacea truly stems from, but we do know it is not so much a skin condition as an inflammatory condition. The […]


Ocular rosacea – an eye

6 July, 2017

Ocular rosacea is inflammation of the eyes that causes burning, itching and redness. Ocular rosacea develops in people with rosacea, an inflammatory skin condition that causes redness and papules, often on the face, but sometimes getting ocular (eye) rosacea can be a sign that you will get rosacea. Treatments for regular rosacea don’t treat ocular […]


Women, wine and rosacea

29 June, 2017

White wine and liquor have both been linked to a higher risk of rosacea in women, research reveals. The study looked into the different effects alcohol can have on the skin, with greater amounts of alcohol also linked with other skin disorders like psoriasis and acne. The study authors looked at data collected from almost […]