Say goodbye to underarm sweat,

5 November, 2018

As the days get longer and warmer, are you concerned about underarm sweat, odour and hair? MiraDry uses microwave energy to target both sweat and odour glands in the under-arms. The procedure is a quick, non-surgical alternative to other hyperhidrosis treatments that sees a 90% decrease in under-arm sweat in 90% of patients treated. ENRICH Clinic […]


Suffering from hyperhidrosis? ENRICH Clinic

31 August, 2018

Hyperhidrosis, or excessive sweating, can be addressed using a variety of different treatments. Our doctors are experienced cosmetic doctors and dermatologists and will guide you to select the most effective treatment for your needs. Contact us to make a time for consultation with one of our friendly doctors. What is hyperhidrosis?   Sweating is a natural bodily […]


Why a sympathectomy for sweaty

19 February, 2018
A rarer form of hyperhidrosis – excess sweating – is compensatory hyperhidrosis, caused by strange nerve signals due to sympathectomies, and not the usual suspects of heat, fear or anger. People who get ‘compensatory hyperhidrosis’ after sympathectomies are part of a group of people with specific health conditions affecting nerves, or for example after an [...]