Dissolvable thread lift – a

28 August, 2017

There are many variations on the nonsurgical facelift we now know as the thread lift (also known as the suture lift), some using non-absorbable thread that physically lifts the skin and can be adjusted over time, to the biodegradable threads that cause collagen production and must be repeated more often. The rise of variations on the classic thread […]


The thread lift: is it

20 August, 2017

Getting a thread lift (also known as a mini facelift or a suture lift) is a quick way to tighten and rejuvenate your facial profile, but it’s not for everyone. The general gist of it is that a thread lift is that it is a smaller, far less invasive procedure than a regular surgical facelift, […]


Recovery from the suture lift

18 May, 2016

Recovery from the suture lift There may be some initial minimal bruising and swelling. Most patients experience some initial tightness, which may feel uncomfortable or painful to varying degrees. This usually occurs in the scalp or behind the ears. Patients are prescribed pain relief for comfort and medication to help them sleep if there is […]


When are results visible from

18 April, 2016

Results are visible immediately and improve over several weeks as the tissue fibres surround and support the new fittings. Because everyone is different, we cannot give a definite prediction of how long the results will last. It is possible for the ‘lifting sutures’ to loosen over time and just as with the more ‘invasive face-lift’, […]