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Common side-effects of dermal filler injections

Common side-effects of dermal filler injections
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The most common dermal filler we use at ENRICH is a molecule naturally found in connective tissue, including about half the body’s HA being found in the skin.

It’s the loss of this molecule researchers believe is responsible for the visible signs of ageing, since HA holds about a thousand times its weight in water. This makes it an ultra-hydrating molecule, that as we age we produce less of. This results in drying out of skin tissue, then gravity takes over.

Dermal fillers are not without their complications – any time you inject a substance into the skin, things happen that are both purposeful (anti-ageing and wrinkle reduction) and then there are sometimes unwanted effects, such as slight swelling or bruising at the injection site. Addressing and avoiding or minimising these unwanted side-effects is the job of your skilled, experienced injector.

Swelling from dermal filler injections – Melbourne clinic 

Swelling is the most common side-effect from dermal filler injections. Each HA product may behave slightly differently to others – despite the products all containing the same ingredient, HA – because the number of short and long chain HA in the injection will vary. Swelling is always temporary, though some dermal filler products can cause swelling for up to two weeks. Anyone seeking dermal filler injections should ask how long any swelling will stick around for, in case you have a special event coming up.

Swelling is typically minimal and resolves quickly.

Bruising from dermal filler injections – Melbourne clinic

Bruising can also occur from the use of dermal filler injections, particularly if there are multiple injection sites. Needles cause more bruising to occur compared with cannulas, which are becoming the more favoured delivery method for deeper applications, though cannulas are not suitable for all applications. Cannulas can only deliver dermal filler to the deeper levels of the skin, not the top layer- the dermis. This requires a very fine needle. Superficial lines on the face must therefore be treated using a needle.

Bruising is typically non-existent or minimal, and resolves quickly.

Lumps from dermal filler injections – Melbourne clinic

Lumps can occur from any dermal filler product, but when HA infrequently causes lumps, the product can be immediately dissolved using an enzyme, hyaluronidase. Non-HA fillers cannot be dissolved and saline may have to be injected to soften the lump.

Are HA dermal filler injections right for you?

Deciding on dermal filler injections will be a conversation you have with your cosmetic dermatologist after a thorough examination of your skin and a discussion about your desires. Your ENRICH cosmetic dermatologist understands the different fillers and is an expert injector, having performed the procedure thousands of times before, so whatever you decide, you can expect optimal results.

At ENRICH, all our injectors are qualified, experienced cosmetic doctors, not nurses or beauticians. We are expert cosmetic dermatologists, and we take your skin very seriously.

Other treatments that complement dermal filler injections include anti-wrinkle injections, microdermabrasion, and other skin surface treatments. We can also treat pigmentation and blood vessel conditions, to smooth and beautify your skin in both texture and tone.

We are expert cosmetic dermatologists.
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