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Cosmetic consults – why are they important?

Cosmetic consults – why are they important?
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Having a cosmetic consultation gives our team an opportunity to examine you in person, and discuss your skin goals or concerns, whether it’s eczema, varicose veins, or ageing skin.

No two people have the same skin. Biology and lifestyle are all contributing factors to skin fitness, so a cosmetic consult is your time to be assessed and a treatment plan discussed that takes you, your skin and your lifestyle, into consideration.

Most of our initial cosmetic consults at ENRICH are performed by our speciality nurses. Cosmetic consults are also performed by our cosmetic doctors and dermatologists, often before a same-day procedure.

A cosmetic doctor doesn’t tell you what you need in a consult – you work together

A cosmetic consult with a dermatologist, specialist doctor or nurse is a very personal affair. You may think you’ll go in and your doctor or nurse will tell you what you need, but this is only partially true: you tell them what you want, and they’ll offer you a range of solutions. A cosmetic consult is likely to also include treatment ideas you hadn’t thought of.

What happens during a cosmetic consult?

When it comes to a cosmetic consult, it tends to be focused on anti-ageing, skin clarifying, scar remodelling, acne treatments and skin rejuvenation, but anything you have going on with your skin is up for discussion.

How to use your beauty bucks wisely to benefit from cosmetic consults

It can be difficult to know which treatment will get you the results you are after. There is a lot of information online about cosmetic treatments, and a lot of marketing dollars spent promoting certain treatments. Feeling confused is normal and can lead to overspending on ineffective or improper treatments for your skin.

Seeing a cosmetic speciality nurse over beauticians and beauty therapists has a lot of benefits. You get a lot more beauty for your buck, because they are a true skin expert and know the most efficient route to achieve your skin goals. Spending time in a cosmetic consult can reap many rewards, since you are looking the very best in the business in the eye.

A cosmetic consult will pave the way for ongoing skin-care and a treatment plan that keeps your skin goals firmly in mind. Once you agree on a plan then your appointments can be booked with whatever specialist performs that specific treatment albeit a cosmetic nurse, a doctor or a dermatologist.

Cosmetic consultation melbourne

Getting a second opinion on your skin – how to benefit from cosmetic consults

As in every discipline, professionals have different ways of approaching problems – that’s what makes our choice of practitioner great. A cosmetic doctor or dermatologist’s approach will depend on their experience, their preferred tools, and what they’ve seen the best results with during their career. This means that each cosmetic doctor or dermatologist may have different ideas for you on how to best solve your skin issues.

The main hurdle of multiple cosmetic consults tends to be the financial cost – cosmetic consults cost money and take time. While sometimes the cost of the consultation can be avoided with a future booking, shopping around can get pricey.

If you’re looking at a big procedure, such as liposuction with our body sculpting expert Dr Michael Rich, choosing the best provider is important for a great outcome. You should feel comfortable with and trust your doctor when they are performing big cosmetic procedures like that.

Often, a cosmetic consult is one way to meet and greet the person who will be working on your face or body. You should always receive a good explanation of what they recommend, have enough time to discuss your needs and have an understanding of the recommended treatments. Walking out of a cosmetic consult feeling confident is extremely valuable and increases your satisfaction with whatever procedures you decide to undergo (or skip).

Many cosmetic treatments are repeat business for a cosmetic dermatologist or cosmetic doctor. You don’t just get one anti-wrinkle injection, dermal filler shot, or skin resurfacing treatment. Be discerning with who you spend your beauty bucks on, because it’s likely you’ll be in their treatment chair many times in the future.

Cosmetic dermatology is an art form. Injections, for example, are a matter of just enough, in just the right place, for maximum effect. Simply having lip filler injected into your lips isn’t enough – an experienced cosmetic doctor will make sure your upper and lower lips are balanced, that the enhancement suits your face shape, and that the areas around your lips are supported too.


Cosmetic consults

What happens during a cosmetic consult at ENRICH

  • First, you make an appointment with ENRICH’s friendly receptionist either online or over the phone, with a referral from your GP if the issue is medical in nature or you specifically need to see a dermatologist for the first time. You do not need a referral for cosmetic treatments, and they are generally not covered by Medicare.
  • When you book in, you can request the doctor you would like to see (which will incur a doctor consult fee of around $100 ) or see one of our specialist nurses for a comprehensive consult for just $50, which is redeemable on your first treatment.
  •  We have short bios on our website under our team for all our doctors and specialists.
  • Booking an appointment is quick and easy.
  • Finding our Armadale clinic is simple, with public transport right outside and free parking out the front.
  • Once you arrive for your appointment, you’ll be greeted by our lovely staff. Just like other clinics, you will be asked to fill out a form with your personal details, any medical conditions or medications you are taking, and so on, so we know a little about you and can treat you safely.
  • If you’ve been to ENRICH before and are having a doctor consult and then a procedure, you skip the form-filling step, but you may be asked to read and sign a consent form for a procedure that is being performed that day.
  • You then meet with your doctor or a specialist nurse for your appointment.
  • Some procedures can be done in the clinic on the day, while others will require another appointment.
  • We are expert cosmetic doctors and dermatologists.
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