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Cosmetic surgery
Cosmetic surgery

Cosmetic Surgery in Melbourne


With many years of experience in the cosmetic industry, we have helped thousands upon thousands of people achieve their individual aesthetic goals with natural-looking results for their face and body. All of our patients get exceptional care, and we make sure that the cosmetic surgery performed is safe, the results are natural-looking, and you achieve your heart’s desire.

Brief History of Cosmetic Surgery in Melbourne

So many elements of the way we perform cosmetic surgery have changed over the last few decades. Specialist dermatology training now involves some incredible new treatments that simply didn’t exist in Australia three decades ago.

Cosmetic surgery is a relatively new area of medicine that evolved as interest in cosmetic procedures increased (thanks Hollywood!). In the early days, treatments were incredibly manual – for example, microdermabrasion was done with a stiff brush on frozen skin. It worked very well, but we now have state-of-the-art laser tools to do the same job with greater precision and fewer negative side-effects. After the HIV epidemic and more information about infections spread, we started to wear masks and gowns and treat infection more seriously.

In 1992, the tumescent liposuction technique was brought to town and taught to liposuction practitioners in Melbourne. This technique revolutionised liposuction the world over, making it safer than ever before.

Dr Michael Rich, ENRICH’s liposuction expert, was one of the dermatologists that brought this technique to Australia and taught other doctors how to do it. He is still the go-to guy for liposuction in Australia, considered a pioneer.

Lasers were the next big thing to hit Melbourne in the early ‘90s, when we started to use these incredible devices on wrinkles and for skin conditions. Lasers really revolutionised the way we treat skin.

Over time, new technology has been introduced to dermatology clinics across Australia, with our Melbourne clinic having some of the best, and sometimes, some of the rarest, equipment. For example, our Romeo laser used for snoring correction is one of just two worldwide.

We now have technology for fat removal, wrinkle correction, varicose veins, fillers, cellulite, facelifts, tummy tucks, liposuction, and skin resurfacing.

The benefits of cosmetic surgery in Melbourne

Melbourne has some of the best cosmetic surgeons in Australia. Procedures are carried out under the strictest of guidelines, with high standards of care provided. Australia has an excellent track record with cosmetic surgery and procedures.

Cosmetic Surgery in Melbourne – what is on offer?

Cosmetic surgery is a huge area and covers a lot of different cosmetic procedures that involve surgery. When discussing cosmetic surgery, it’s helpful to be clear about what is and isn’t a cosmetic surgery.

Surgery is defined by cutting of the skin in some way, so anything that doesn’t penetrate the skin past a certain level of the dermis is not considered surgical in nature. We would call non-surgical actions in cosmetics to be a treatment or procedure.

Liposuction – Cosmetic Surgery, Buy can also be Medical Surgery

Liposuction is one of the most commonly performed surgical procedures at cosmetic clinics, particularly at our Melbourne clinic. Liposuction is the removal of fat from one or more areas of the body to enhance the shape and contours of the body, and by its very nature, must be performed underneath the dermis.

Medical liposuction may be used after cancer treatments have left someone with lymphoedema (fluid collection) in the limbs

Breast Reduction – Cosmetic Surgery, Possibly Medical, and possibly conducted via liposuction

A breast reduction used to be purely surgical, but it can now be performed in some cases by liposuction.  Liposuction is still a cosmetic surgery. A breast reduction may be a medical surgery due to the undue pressure large breasts may have on the spine and neck, making it a medically necessary surgical procedure. A surgical breast reduction is a much more hefty procedure than a liposuction-based breast reduction.

Tummy tuck – cosmetic surgery, but may also be medical

A tummy tuck is actually an abdominoplasty, which involves surgical removal of skin and possibly fat, with tightening of the muscles underneath the abdominal skin to tighten and tone the abdomen. It may be used in a medical sense to correct lax abdominal muscles.

Vaginal Rejuvenation – depends on the procedure, some considered Cosmetic Surgery

Vaginal rejuvenation is an umbrella term used to describe a variety of surgical and non-surgical cosmetic and medical procedures designed to improve the function and appearance of vaginal and vulvar tissue. This could include a labiaplasty (purely cosmetic surgical procedure) to vaginal tightening radiofrequency treatments (non-invasive wave-based treatment, not surgery and not cosmetic per se).

Surgical facelift – cosmetic surgery

Asurgical facelift is an invasive procedure that lifts and augments facial skin so it appears tighter, reducing the appearance of wrinkles and sagging skin.

Non-surgical facelift – not considered cosmetic surgery

We now have some alternatives to the surgical facelift, including the suture lift, which uses specially placed sutures to lift facial skin without actually cutting any skin.

Rhinoplasty – surgical, cosmetic or medical, also non-surgical rhinoplasty available

A rhinoplasty is a surgery performed on the nose for cosmetic purposes, but sometimes it can be for the correction of breathing difficulties that are due to the structure of the nasal passages. There are non-surgical rhinoplasties available, but these are done using filler and can’t be used to change breathing difficulties.

Blepharoplasty – cosmetic surgery, sometimes medical

A blepharoplasty is augmentation of the upper eyelid, which can be done due to a medical problem whereby the eyelid covers the eye, impacting vision. The other type of blepharoplasty commonly performed is purely cosmetic in nature, for example the so-called ‘Asian blepharoplasty’ that creates a crease in an Asian eyelid that normally wouldn’t have one.

Microdermabrasion – non-surgical cosmetic procedure

Microdermabrasion only changes the top layers of skin, so does not actually penetrate the dermis, making microdermabrasion a cosmetic procedure, not a cosmetic surgery.

Chemical peels – non-surgical cosmetic procedure

Like microdermabrasion, a chemical peel only affects the outer layers of the skin, and is not designed to go deeper.

Dermal filler – non-surgical cosmetic procedure

Dermal fillers are designed to go within the skin layers, not actually underneath them. The application is also a very fine needle, so no skin is being cut. This makes dermal fillers a non-surgical cosmetic procedure.

Facial liposuction – cosmetic surgery

Any liposuction is considered cosmetic surgery, because incisions are made and tissue underneath the skin is changed in some way. This means that even very tiny amounts of fat that are removed, like that which would occur in neck and chin liposuction, are still considered an invasive cosmetic surgery.

Wave-based treatments – non-surgical cosmetic procedure

Radiofrequency is a wave-based treatment that does penetrate the skin and beyond, but it doesn’t do so by cutting, and thus is not considered a cosmetic surgery. LED light treatments are also under the same umbrella of a wave-based therapy, along with a lot of lasers and other equipment at our clinic.

What’s the difference between cosmetic surgery and plastic surgery?

Cosmetic surgery is a form of plastic surgery. In this sense, ‘plastic’ means to change, not the physical plastic material things are made from, which we can immediately think of when we remember the early days of plastic surgery for cosmetic reasons. It could look a bit plastic! But this is not what plastic means in this sense.

Plastic surgery can be used for reconstructions as well as cosmetic reasons, for example if a part of the body has been burned severely, a plastic surgeon may do the grafts that repair the area. This is a very specialised element of medicine. Cosmetic surgery takes reconstructive surgery a step further in one way, and makes the skin look good; that is cosmetic surgery’s function. A reconstructive surgeon isn’t necessarily so concerned with looks; they are aiming for repair and functionality first.

Probably the most famous cosmetic surgeries are breast enlargement and facelifts. These two procedures alone have come along in leaps and bounds since they were first performed.

Other cosmetic surgery in melbourne may include:

  • Otoplasty (ear surgery for prominent or misshapen ears, getting your ears ‘pinned’ back)
  • Rhytidectomy (a facelift)
  • Browplasty (a brow lift)
  • Chin augmentation
  • Malar (cheekbone) augmentation
  • Hair transplants
  • Chemical peels, grafts, and laser
  • Fat injections and fat grafting

What to think over before committing to cosmetic surgery

  • Make sure your surgeon is reputable and experienced in the surgery you want done
  • Get a second opinion, despite it being an extra cost
  • Find out everything there is to know about the procedure, including techniques your surgeon may be using
  • Understand the risks fully – surgery does sometimes go wrong, so don’t let risks be a surprise after the fact
  • Know if your cosmetic surgery will require any upkeep in future
  • Make sure you have enough recovery time up your sleeve with work and other obligations including caring for children or other family members
  • Mange your expectations and understand fully your reasons for seeking cosmetic surgery – it can’t make you a different person and it won’t make anyone love you more
  • Give yourself time to decide – if you really want it so much, give it six months and see how you feel then
  • Try to find treatment that is near to you so you can avoid travelling for long distances
  • Financially prepare for not only the cosmetic surgery, but time off work and other obligations you will need a fill-in for

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