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Cost and recovery – Liposuction at ENRICH Clinic

Cost and recovery – Liposuction at ENRICH Clinic
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Liposuction removes stubborn fat pads using a suction technique. At ENRICH Clinic, we perform tumescent liposuction which is performed under local anaesthetic, rather than a general anaesthetic. This means recovery time is shorter, and the patient is not required to fast.

How much will liposuction cost?

We understand that cost is an important element when considering liposuction treatment. The cost of liposuction treatment will be calculated depending on the area being treated. Cost is best assessed in person following your consultation with Dr Michael Rich. You can visit our liposuction cost treatment page for a general guide, or contact us to make an appointment.

A rough estimate for treatment cost is below. Bear in mind this can change, and you will receive a comprehensive quote following in clinic consultation.

  • Chin liposuction – $3,800-$4,200
  • Abdomen liposuction – $6,000-$7,200
  • Lower back (flanks) liposuction – $4,800-$5,200
  • Hip liposuction – $4,800-$5,200
  • Inner thigh liposuction – $4,800-$5,200
  • Outer thigh liposuction – $4,800-$5,600
  • Love handle liposuction – $4,800-$5,200

These fees include doctor’s fees, assistant and nurse fees as well as associated theatre and follow up costs. Liposuction becomes more cost effective the more areas treated in each session.

Recovery time following liposuction

Recovery will vary between individuals and will depend on the area you have had treated. Very often, it is possible to return to minimally physical work within a few days of treatment. Post-operative appointments at ENRICH Clinic will ensure that the treatment areas are healing well and in good condition, as well as provide a chance to change any dressings. It is advisable to wear compression garments following liposuction, as this can aid with swelling and alleviate discomfort.

Some sensitivity and stiffness can be expected following liposuction – many people tell us it feels similar to the day after a strong workout at the gym. Liposuction involves the removal of cells, which has some associated impact to surrounding tissue. For this reason, mild discomfort and soreness is not uncommon following liposuction treatment. Your doctor will outline in detail the likely recovery associated with liposuction, as well as after care instructions designed to help you feel well and heal faster.

Want more information?

At ENRICH Clinic, we believe our patients should be well informed and comfortable with all aspects of their procedure. This reduces anxiety and leads to an overall more comfortable experience for patients. Our eBook will comprehensively explain how we do things, why we do them, and what can be expected from each step of your liposuction treatment journey.

We’ve created a guide to understanding your liposuction procedures, with a view to you seeing exactly what’s involved before your first appointment.

Our guide is designed to talk you through the procedure end to end, so when you get to your consultation, you can ask deeper questions and feel more comfortable with your choices. Being well-informed is one of the keys to feeling happy with your treatments. The more you know, the more well-balanced your expectations are.

Interested in liposuction in Melbourne? Contact ENRICH Clinic to secure an appointment with Dr Michael Rich.

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