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Cost of gynaecomastia liposuction in Melbourne

Cost of gynaecomastia liposuction in Melbourne
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Gynaecomastia surgery man boob treatments MelbourneMen’s liposuction doesn’t cost any more or less than women’s, with the most important factor in liposuction cost at our Melbourne clinic based on the area being treated, how much fat is being removed, and if more than one area is being treated.

When it comes to gynaecomastia liposuction treatments, there are many variables, so cost can only really be determined at the time of your consultation. Here we provide some estimates to give you a ballpark.

Liposuction for men differs somewhat to liposuction for women, for some key reasons. The areas treated are different – men don’t accumulate fat in the same places women tend to – and men’s fat is more fibrous than women’s, and thus techniques may differ somewhat.

The outcomes in aesthetic terms are also naturally different based on the areas of the body being treated. The breast/chest area is one such treatment strategy that differs significantly – men want the fat gone and pectoral muscle definition, while women want a straight-up breast reduction or breasts evened out in size.

Estimates of cost of liposuction in Melbourne

  • Chin liposuction – $3,800-$4,200
  • Abdomen liposuction – $6,000-$7,200
  • Lower back (flanks) liposuction – $4,800-$5,200
  • Hip liposuction – $4,800-$5,200
  • Inner thigh liposuction – $4,800-$5,200
  • Outer thigh liposuction – $4,800-$5,600
  • Waist liposuction – $4,800-$5,200

The fees include the costs of the doctor, nurse, anaesthetist if necessary, and theatre costs. Follow-up care costs are also factored into the one-off fee.

Gynaecomastia surgery and Medicare – cost of liposuction in Melbourne

Some gynaecomastia liposuction treatments are covered by Medicare because this is considered a medical treatment. True gynaecomastia is not so common, but most men have a combination of ducting and fat tissue in their chest/breast tissue if they have enlarged breasts. Only gynaecomastia surgery that is deemed medically necessary is covered – check with Dr Michael Rich at ENRICH about your options.

About gynaecomastia liposuction treatments

It is estimated that up to 40 per cent of men have a form of breast enlargement or swelling, labelled either pseudogynaecomastia or true gynaecomastia. Pseudogynaecomastia is more common, with the breast tissue largely fatty.

Either form of gynaecomastia can cause men significant embarrassment or self-consciousness about their bodies being too ‘feminine’. We constantly joke about ‘man-boobs’ in Australia, but there are some very real negative psychological consequences for some men in relation to body image and a perceived loss of masculinity.

Removal of this fatty tissue is reasonably straightforward using liposuction – liposuction is only useful for removing fatty tissue, not ducting, so excision of ducting may be necessary if there is a greater portion of this type of tissue present.

Retaining nipple sensation, keeping scarring to a minimum, and having a natural-looking outcome are all features of successful gynaecomastia liposuction treatments. Men undergoing gynaecomastia surgery may require a serious conversation regarding diet and lifestyle choices, since many men seeking breast reduction liposuction procedures have high levels of free oestrogen, and corresponding low testosterone levels. This scenario perpetuates itself, particularly in overweight or obese men.

If a man remains overweight after treatment, the upper torso will, over time, become more feminine again. Lasting results for gynaecomastia surgery require a high-protein low-fat diet combined with vigorous exercise, for men’s overall satisfaction with their procedures, which can create dramatic change.

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